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Before you can consistently win interviews as a TOP CANDIDATE, you’ve got to BELIEVE YOU ARE A TOP CANDIDATE.

And to do that, you must WIN YOU INNER GAME.

Your ‘INNER GAME ‘ is the self-image you choose to hold in your mind, and what you choose to tell yourself about yourself..

Positive or negative, that ‘self-image’ determines your ‘OUTER GAME’ – the courage with which you devise and use strategies to advance your career, the energy and creativity you put into customizing your résumés and cover letters to the requirements of the opportunities you seek – the “face” you project to the world in terms of how you present yourself to decision-makers, recruiters and hiring managers.

Your “Self-Talk” determines if you win or lose your ‘INNER GAME’.

Positive or negative, your Self-Talk is your self-evaluating ‘Hero Story’ of how great you are, or it’s your never-ending, downward-spiraling ‘Victim Story’ of how unfair life is, and how mediocre you are.

Effective ‘self-talk’ continually reinforces your job search self-confidence, your self-esteem,
your personal resiliency, and optimism that you’ll get the meaningful work you seek.

Winning your ‘INNER GAME is your first step to believing you are worthy of winning
interviews for promotions you know you’ve earned.

TOP CANDIDATES win their ‘INNER GAMES’ because they present themselves as unique solutions to a company’s bottom-line problems.

When their competition blendsinlikejustonemorestrandofspaghettionaplate, TOP CANDIDATES STAND OUT, like MEATBALLS on top of that generic spaghetti.

They win interviews for promotions because they have taken the time and energy make themselves TOP CANDIDATES by customizing their credentials to the specific requirements of the promotion they seek.

GENERIC APPLICANTS fade into the background by following the BOILERPLATE HERD.

They blendinlikeforgettablefettuccini. They make it easy for decision-makers to ignore them.

They end up “settling” for whatever they can get, not experiencing what they are worth.

In my experience, 90% of promotion– and job-seekers present themselves generically, and are then frustrated and angry when decision-makers ignore them. They know they are qualified for the opportunities they seek, but have no clue why they are passed over.

The remaining 10% are motivated to present themselves as TOP CANDIDATES. They win interviews and get hired.

So which Inner Game are you playing – that of a GENERIC 90%er or a MOTIVATED 10%er?

Closing Thoughts and an Offer Going Forward

My heart goes out to the underdog.

For over 30 years, I have helped job- and promotion-seekers, fearful and dispirited after being repeatedly ignored by recruiters for work they’ve proven they can do, rebuild their job search self-confidence so they can create and use custom résumés and targeted cover letters to STAND OUT as Top Candidates and win interviews.

Today more than ever, we live in a harsh political and cultural climate where promotions and jobs don’t always go to the best-qualified person, or to the one who has truly earned the opportunity.

The prize often goes to the one who can most effectively “fake it.”

Many groups are marginalized and ignored, worried that the country is returning to the “bad old days” of intolerance, discrimination, fear and repression.

One such group that worries about their children is single moms ignored or passed over for promotions they know they’ve earned.

I’m a semi-retired, recent widower. I don’t golf or fish; I do Custom Résumé and Targeted Cover Letter that help people who are qualified but ignored reignite their careers.

I have decided to direct my support to Single Moms.

In addition to making my courses available to individuals via the internet, I’m going to take my webinar and BE THE MEATBALL: Top Candidate Custom Résumés to Win Interviews and Stop Being Ignored for Promotions You’ve Earned course on the road.

I will offer my webinar “live” to women’s professional organizations in places around the country that I wish to visit in my RV. If enough participants wish to purchase the course and will commit to completing it over the seven to ten days, I will stay and personally coach participants through my course.

They will have the benefit of personal coaching and editing support at no additional cost.


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You CAN be an “Ideal Candidate” every time you apply Definite Purpose: Teach people to “tastefully boast” and be an “Ideal Candidate” Personal Code: Judge by Results. Often harsh. Always fair Truth: “Through the streets of Bye-and-Bye one arrives at the House of Never” My obsession for the last three decades has been helping job seekers, solopreneurs, freelancers and executives-in-transition realize how incredibly competent and powerful they are, and use their accomplishments to stand out like a Meatball on a plate of spaghetti, customize their credentials to each opportunity, present themselves as “Ideal Candidates” and win interviews. During 18 years of domestic and international senior Human Resources management, my duties included recruiting and hiring, from entry level to executive, for Marriott Hotels, Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company, Cigna Worldwide, Dole and Chiquita. One accomplishment of which I’m especially proud: When I was Latin American Area HR director for Cigna Worldwide, Corporate decided to centralize their international operations and closed their various Area headquarters.