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  • 5 learning modules, released on Monday over 5 consecutive weeks,
  • Weekly instructional videos,
  • Downloadable e-book, BE THE MEATBALL – Custom Résumés to Stand Out From the Crowd and Get the Interviews You Deserve,
  • Step-by-step résumé and cover letter content-building exercises,
  • 6 weekly live Q&A calls (5 during the course and one more for final questions and closure after the course ends)
  • Participation in a closed Facebook group that will remain open three months after the close of the course

You’ll experience supported online learning to become the TOP CANDIDATE.


5 Video Modules

Downloadable Tools &Templates

Course E-Book


6 Live Weekly Q&A Calls

Closed Group Access


Throughout the course, you’ll be strengthening your INNER GAME as you raise your awareness and appreciation of all you have accomplished. You’ll transform your self-perception from just a “good employee” to the TOP CANDIDATE for the promotions you seek.

You’ll be able to immediately apply what you learn as you step-by-step create your custom résumé and targeted cover letter for your next promotion or job.



 It All Starts With Winning Your “INNER GAME”

MODULE 1. To Win Promotion or Job Interviews, You Must First Win Your INNER GAME, So That You Have the Confidence to Use Custom Résumés that Grab Decision-Makers’ Attention by STANDING OUT Like a Meatball, not blendinlikeonemorestrandofspaghetti

If you’re qualified for the promotions you seek and are demoralized because decision-makers ignore you, Module 1 will revitalize your INNER GAME and your job search self-confidence so you can confidentially present yourself as the TOP CANDIDATE.

Big claim, I know, and I can back it up. Check out these TESTIMONIALS 

You will discover:

  • 6 reasons why you need this course – so that you can finally take control of your career
  • How to transform your INNER GAME from fearful “I Can’t” to confident “I CAN!” – so that you can take control not only of your career, but of your life as well
  • Why I’ve earned the right to advise you – what I’ve learned will absolutely help you
  • How to lose the fear and regain your personal resilience and Job Search Self-Confidence because to be the TOP CANDIDATE, you must know your relevant professional accomplishments and the skills you used to achieve them
  • Ways to strengthen your SELF-TALK – so that you can stop sabotaging yourself
  • How to move from VICTIM to RESPONSE-ABLE – because no matter the economy, you are responsible for your career, and people you love are depending on you

 You will receive:

  • First Pass / Your Accomplishments (PDF Worksheet) – your self-esteem and self-confidence will blossom as you raise your self-awareness and get comfortable learning to “tastefully boast”
  • Second Pass – Relevant Professional Accomplishments that Moved Your Career Forward (PDF Worksheet) – these will become the foundation of your INNER GAME and all of your future custom résumés and targeted cover letters. You’ll grow your list of relevant professional accomplishments throughout your career
  • Your Custom Lifetime Career Plan (PDF Worksheet) – for those times when your career hits the inevitable wall, your flexible custom emotional blueprint will help you recreate your unstoppable TOP CANDIDATE INNER GAME and mindset
  • E-Book download of BE THE MEATBALL – How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Get the Interviews You Deserve

Part 2



MODULE 2. Who Do You Want to Become So That You Deserve This Promotion? (Your Values Transformation Inventory) AND Two Concurrent Assignments to Get Started on Now

By the end of this module, you’ll have figured out what you need to do to make yourself more valuable than you already are to your current (or next) employer, and developed the framework of a transformative plan to do that.

AND you’ll have taken tangible steps to complete two key elements of your new custom résumé — your “Part B” (work history, education, military service, certificates, outside interests) and your “Text Column(the eye-catching, attention-grabbing text box on Page 1 of your new résumé.)

You will discover:

  • Three TOP CANDIDATE Truths – to guide you throughout your career
  • The differences between Generic 90%ers and Motivated 10%ers, – so that you believe it is imperative that you are a Motivated 10%er for the rest of your career
  • The personal elements of your Values Transformation Inventory – so that you can intentionally guide your transformation from Generic 90%er applicant to Motivated 10%er TOP CANDIDATE
  • Your intentional thoughts on the next career plateau you want to reach – your “Second Base”
  • How to create an effective “Part B” for your résumé – so that you’ll impress decision-makers, rather than raise questions and doubts about your work history
  • How to instantly hook the reader’s attention with an eyeball-catching “Text Column”on Page 1 that will impress decision-makers with all the relevant, critical elements of you

You will receive:

  • Three TOP CANDIDATE Truths
  • Five-question Values Transformation Inventory (PDF Worksheet)
  • Second Base Worksheet
  • “Part B” Completed Examples – (PDF Worksheet)
  • “Text Column – Page 1 / Left” Examples (PDF Worksheet)

MODULE 3. Clearly Identify Your Representative Professional Accomplishments So That You’ll Have Material for Your TOP CANDIDATE Custom Résumés

By the end of this module, you’ll have:

  • Finalized your list of Relevant Professional Accomplishments,
  • Increased your interview self-confidence by thinking deeply about your accomplishments , then
  • Written a 250-word accomplishment essay for selected accomplishments (WHAT you did, HOW you did it, WHY you did it, and the QUANTIFIED RESULTS of what you did),
  • Analyzed your essays for completeness,
  • Edited your essays into shorter accomplishment statements,
  • Made sure you’ve captured the essence of each accomplishment by playing the “So What? Game, and
  • Learned to “tastefully boast.”

You will discover:

  • The top 20 accomplishments of which you are most proud – so that you can speak impactfully about the ones that moved you, your reputation, your department and your career furthest along
  • How to turn activities you take for granted into meaningful accomplishments – so that you can create custom TOP CANDIDATE accomplishment statements
  • How to prepare yourself to interview confidently and effectively – by thinking through your accomplishments and writing your accomplishment essays
  • How to create Data Banks of TOP CANDIDATE accomplishment statements – so that you’ll have customizable TOP CANDIDATE material throughout your career
  • How to customize your accomplishment statements – so that you can transform yourself into the perfect TOP CANDIDATE for each opportunity you seek
  • How to play the “So What? Game” so that you’re certain you have captured the essence of the accomplishment in each Statement
  • How to identify your most single most relevant, meaningful personal accomplishment, then turn it into your most impactful, relevant, and memorable professional accomplishment – so that your résumé will be memorable and make a lasting impression on decision-makers.

 You will receive:

  • Your Most Relevant Top 20 Accomplishments (PDF Worksheet) – you’ll be impressed with yourself when you complete this list; these will be the foundation of your new résumés
  • Accomplishment Essay examples (PDF Worksheet) – so you learn what works
  • Essay Analysis Tool – to make certain you have answered all four critical questions
  • “THE SO WHAT? GAME” Example (PDF Worksheet) – to make sure you have captured the essence of the accomplishment
  • Your “One Personal Accomplishment” Conversion Worksheet – to create the final accomplishment statement that will make you TOP CANDIDATE-memorable

MODULE 4. Know Your Special Skills and Abilities AND Create Your Custom Objective Statement So That Decision-Makers Realize You Are Perfect for the Promotion

By the end of this module, you’ll have:

  • Completed a Skills Analysis/Identification Process by analyzing your Essays to identify the Special Skills and Abilities you used to achieve each accomplishment, identified your Transferrable skills – the ones that are applicable in many different situations, (not just your current job,) and identified your Motivated skills – the ones you love to use, and give you the best results when you use them,
  • Understood and applied the three elements of an effective Custom Objective Statement and
  • Created a custom statement for the promotion you seek.

You will discover:

  • The skills you bring to the “World of Work” – because if you haven’t taken a recent personal inventory of your accomplishments and skills, this will be valuable information
  • Your Transferrable Skills – because knowing these skills increases your career options

Your Motivated Skills – the ones you love to use and when you do you get your best results and the most job satisfaction.

  • NOTE: By the time you’ve completed the course, you’ll no longer be just another “wandering generality” (Heavenly hat tip to Zig Ziglar]) applicant; you’ll be a TOP CANDIDATE. So please, from now on, raise your expectations. Any promotions or jobs you seek should require you to use as many of your Motivated Skills as possible. In today’s world, we need all the job happiness you can get.

You will receive:

  • How to Write a custom Objective Statement – so that decision-makers become aware of a need they did not know they had, for which you are the solution 
  • Access to online skills identification resources – detailed, quick, and easy-to-use
  • Skills Analysis Worksheet
  • Transferrable and Motivated Skills Worksheet
  • Examples of effective custom Objective Statements – from successful custom résumés
  • Objective Statement Creation Worksheet
  • Details on how I created my own promotions and new jobs – we will discuss this in the course, and I’ll share TOP CANDIDATE strategies that worked

MODULE 5. Complete Your Custom Résumé and Targeted Cover Letter so that You Can Get on With Your Career

By the end of this module, you’ll have:

  • Mastered the process to write a promotion-specific custom cover letter,
  • Seen examples of two different, memorable and effective cover letter formats,
  • Written your own cover letter for the promotion you seek, AND
  • Assembled your TOP CANDIDATE custom résumé.

You’ll be poised to separate yourself from the “Boilerplate Herd” and revitalize your career.

You will discover:

  • A straightforward cover letter format based on your style and the specific requirements of the promotion – so that they’ll see your credentials are perfect for the promotion .  CHRIS – NOT ABLE TO REMOVE THE LINE LIKE ALL THE OTHERS ABOVE
  • Which résumé custom format will be most effective for you – depending on your needs

You will receive 

  • Résumé Compilation Checklist
  • In Closing – Transformational Worksheet – from Generic 90%er to Motivated 10%er

YOUR INVESTMENT FOR BE THE MEATBALL: Top Candidate Custom Résumés To Win Interviews and Stop Being Ignored for Promotions You’ve Earned: $997


ROCK-SOLID SELF-CONFIDENCE IN TEAM INTERVIEWS.  In cohorts of 6 via weekly web conferencing, we will use your new credentials and the specific requirements of promotions or jobs you seek to learn to thrive in intimidating team interviews. I will be the “lead interviewer” and the other members of the cohort will be the “interview team.” Practice, feedback and more feedback will be the watchwords of the course and everyone will have ample opportunities to be the “candidate” and the “team interviewer.” And if an interview pops unexpectedly and you need practice between sessions, I’ll schedule it at no charge. Sessions will be recorded. Course Prerequisite: BE THE MEATBALL. Course Duration: 3 months. Tuition: $1,997 or three payments of $816

CUSTOM 1:1 TOP CANDIDATE INTERVIEWING PRACTICE FOR ROCK-SOLID INTERVIEWING SELF-CONFIDENCE. This is custom, one-on-one interview practice-feedback-practice with me. I’ll apply my 18 years of recruiting/interviewing experience to help you develop rock-solid interview skills, confidence, and strategies so you’ll impress decision-makers and make them glad they brought you in, (not wonder why they brought you in.) Course Prerequisite: BE THE MEATBALL.  Sessions will be recorded. Course Duration: 4 months (During that time, we will get together for as many sessions as you need for as many promotions or jobs as you wish.) Tuition: $3,997 or three payments of $1,480

And . . .  One ALL-IN-ONE, DONE-FOR-YOU PACKAGE. Are you trying to get your TOP CANDIDATE résumé and cover letter in FAST, before the window of opportunity closes and you lose the promotion or job of a lifetime? Custom packages start at $15,000. If you’re prepared to play at this level to save or advance your career, the first step to a conversation is to tell me more about your expectations. Please complete this short questionnaire.