Does your job offer depend on a successful webcam presentation / interview?
When you’re the finalist and an intercontinental webcam presentation / interview is all that stands between you and a job offer, you may feel a little nervous.
Think about this: You may be the best qualified candidate for the job.
However, unless you have thoroughly prepared for the presentation / interview to the point that your nerves are under control,  your nervousness could make you lose out to a less-qualified competitor.Webcam presentation / interview
Use FaceTime or Skype to sharpen your presentation and interviewing skills. Most importantly, practice with a coach who can give you practical, professional feedback, specific recommendations, and effective presentation strategies. Your webcam presentation / interview self-confidence will be rock-solid.
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And speaking of rock-solid presentation / interview self-confidence, meet Scott Bell. He is a presentation / interview rock star and can attest to the effectiveness of my presentation / interview coaching.
Scott Bell, Training Video and E-Learning Specialist
After being laid off, Scott used my DIY Top Candidate résume-writing system  and  created this custom résumé that quickly earned him an enthusiastic first interview   Finalist for the job
Scott was the final candidate; the job was his to lose. All that stood between him and, “YOU’RE HIRED!” was an intercontinental webcam presentation / interview.
He asked me for coaching to help him ace it.
Rather than tell you what I think I did for Scott, here are his words:“A while ago, I learned Don’s DIY résume-writing system to win interviews as a TOP CANDIDATE each time you apply. The résumé you see here  won me an interview with COMPANY. The process lasted over four months and included these steps: 1) phone screen with HR; 2) interview with staff member; 3) phone screen with new director; 4) flown in for back-to-back in-person interviews in San Jose with future teammate, Director, and another teammate.
Scott went through the above four steps on his own.“All that was prelude to the final step, the key to getting hired or not:  an INTERNATIONAL WEBCAM PANEL INTERVIEW AND PRESENTATION with a teammate, web instructor and a systems engineer.  I assembled my presentation and asked Don for some practice sessions. Due to life and nature (power outages, plumbing issues), one session with Don was the ONLY “live” practice I got, and I completely rocked the presentation.
Using Skype, Scott gave me his entire presentation – slides and commentary. I gave him feedback and suggestions as he went along. I prefer in-the-moment interactive coaching so the client has an opportunity to hear the feedback, immediately make whatever adjustments, and practice it again.“Don immediately had constructive feedback that I quickly took notes on and then practiced. He gave me very helpful feedback on the presentation itself, and I made revisions.  “The comfort level that I felt going into this panel interview – thanks to Don’s coaching – well, I was perfectly at-ease. I took my time speaking. I paused at key points so they could absorb what I had just said. I encouraged questions and provided focused answers.   “It could not have gone better, and that is thanks to Don’s coaching – – – Which I have found invaluable and which has earned me a great job twice now. Work with Don. I’m telling you. Don’t hesitate. Work with Don.” –– Scott  Bell. Training Video and E-Learning Specialist at COMPANY
So. That’s how I helped Scott.
How can I help you?
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