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My domestic and international Human Resources management career spans over 30 years, 18 of which were spent in Corporate America as an HR decision-maker. My decisions impacted careers in these critical areas:  recruiting / hiring, succession planning / employee development, and performance management / promotions.

For over 30 years, I’ve been helping people who were qualified for the opportunities they sought but were being ignored or passed over by decision-makers, win interviews as TOP CANDIDATES and turn their lives around.

How did they do that?

By following the same system that you are about to learn. 

First they won their INNER GAME so they had the job search self-confidence to create and use custom résumés to STAND OUT, like a MEATBALL, and stop blending in like just another strand of spaghetti.

They learned to “tastefully boast” as they became very clear on their accomplishments and the skills they used to achieve them.

Then they transformed from IGNORED to INVITED as their TOP CANDIDATE custom résumés and cover letters based on the specific requirements of the opportunities sought won them interviews.


If you’re a single mom with a family that depends on you for their survival, and if decision-makers are passing you over for promotions you know you’ve earned, your career and your family’s financial security are at risk.

With all the uncertainty of a possible recession, one thing is for sure:

This is not the time to leave your career in the hand of others.

Impossible as it may feel to you now, I promise you – if you’ll follow my instructions, you’ll learn to present yourself as the TOP CANDIDATE for promotions or jobs – each time you apply.

And when you do, you’ll reduce stress as you take control of your career and win interviews whenever you want them.


There are a number of secrets to winning interviews whenever you want them.

Here are the three most critical:

1. “Custom” Works. “Generic” Remains Passed Over, Ignored, Or Unemployed. The custom résumé system I’m going to teach you makes irrelevant your two-page, reverse-chronological, generic résumé that decision-makers have ignored. The first half of BE THE MEATBALL is focused on helping you win your INNER GAME. You’ll have job search self-confidence and a strong INNER GAME to leave the anonymity and security of the “Boilerplate Herd” (where everyone’s résumé looks like everyone else’s.) You’ll have developed the courage to leave the timid Generic 90%ers and join the Motivated 10%ers, who have the job search self-confidence to create and use attention-grabbing custom résumés that are unique and stand out.

2. Stop Sending Job Search Junk Mail Decision-makers ignore junk résumés at work, just like you ignore junk mail at home. Your education and experience may make you 100% perfect for the promotion or job you seek, but if you can’t get the interview, it won’t matter. Customize the contents of your résumé and cover letter to the specific requirements of each opportunity you seek, and make sure you are prepared for the interviews that you’ll get.

3. Be the Top Candidate. Only apply when your accomplishments and skills match the key requirements for the opportunities you seek, so you’ll BE THE TOP CANDIDATE. If not, save your energy and your spirit. Don’t apply.

Meatball Over Spaghetti




How to Get Interviews! Stop Sending Job Search Junk Mail

How to Get Interviews! Stop Sending Job Search Junk Mail

International Training and HR Consulting – in Spanish and English

Domestic/International HR Management

First job out of grad school. Personnel Director with Marriott Hotels – 100% vertical learning curve

Direct Commission as Second Lieutenant, USAR

Master of Arts – Latin American Literature and Area Studies / minor in journalism

Getting started. Note the handkerchief