Noah Galloway and I have never met.
I doubt he has read any of my “Ideal Candidate” D-I-Y résumé-writing books.
As I write this, Noah isn’t trending on social media, so I’m not being opportunistic.
I’m simply in awe of his accomplishments and his “don’t quit” attitude. With all he has overcome and achieved, and with these virtues — drive to keep-on-keepin’-on, courage to overcome depressing, spirit-crushing injuries, unwavering commitment and dedication not to quit on himself or others, personal resiliency to “act-as-if” until he began to see results, intention and focus to follow a winning plan, willingness to accept help, and humility and desire to help others – if recruiters ignore you for work you’ve proven you can do and you want to give up and take what you can get, Noah Galloway is your perfect “No Excuses” job search role model.
He’s a former U.S. Army Sergeant, double-amputee, decorated Iraq War combat veteran, Dancing with the Stars finalist, extreme athlete, personal trainer, motivational speaker, winner of the 2014 Men’s Health Ultimate Men’s Health Guy Award, and my inspirational role model for never quitting.
When I was laid off and looking for six months, I made the mistake of following the “Boilerplate Herd” and sent out over 300 generic résumés. Recruiters ignored me for work I had proven I could do, and my anxiety increased as my savings decreased.
My “INNER GAME” took a big hit, at the exact time when I needed to rebuild and maintain my self-confidence, self-esteem and personal optimism.
How I would have appreciated a role model like Noah to help me stay positive when things got bad and I learned this truth: If you don’t get the interview, you won’t get the work.
There’s a parallel between Noah’s journey back to health and yours to find meaningful work you want to do. Please think about that and watch these two compelling videos.
. . . . Impressive – yes?
What if Noah was a laid-off mid-level executive seeking reemployment for meaningful work he had proven he could do, and recruiters ignored him because he followed the “Boilerplate Herd” and used a generic, two-page, activities-based reverse-chronological résumé that made him blendinwitheveryoneelse,likeonemorestrandofforgettablefettuccineonaplate?
Would he:
  • “Update his résumé,” creating yet another rehash for recruiters to ignore?
  • “Go victim” and blame others for his situation?
  • “Quit on himself,” “settle” for whatever he could get, then tell himself he was lucky?
Since Noah lives his personal motto (“NO EXCUSES”), we “NO!” the answer.
He’d take personal responsibility for his situation, make a plan to be an “Ideal Candidate” so he stood out like a MEATBALL on spaghetti, then take action.
Now you.
Are you ignored by recruiters for work you’ve proven you can do? Are you still following the “Boilerplate Herd” and mass-distributing yet another boring generic résumé that’s just more Job Search Junk Mail for recruiters to ignore? Are you thinking about taking whatever you can get?
If so, let Noah inspire you to NOT QUIT ON YOURSELF!
Commit to doing what it takes to succeed, because  . . . You Can be an “Ideal Candidate” Each Time You Apply.
Noah said, “We must appreciate and never underestimate our own inner power.”
Those aren’t just uplifting “air words.” They’re integral to his “NO EXCUSES” Life Code, and can guide you to success.
Thank you, “#NoExcusesNoah,” for being a spectacular inspirational role model.
Want to be an IDEAL CANDIDATE each time you apply?
Want to double, triple, quadruple or even 10x your number of interviews?
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For over 30 years, Don has helped job- and promotion-seekers, ignored by recruiters for work they’ve proven they can do, create custom résumés and targeted cover letters that won them interviews as Ideal Candidates. Today, he focuses on employed, high-five-figure, mid-career professionals passed over for promotions they know they’ve earned. Using his TOP CANDIDATE FOR PROMOTION™ system, he helps them win interviews as TOP CANDIDATES – whenever they want them – from now until they retire. He can be reached at